Guadalupe Regional Medical Center | Health Currents | Summer 2019

Elaine Bennett, Guadalupe Regional Medical Foundation CEO The business of giving GRMC is proud to provide a wide range of high-quality care for our region, from birth through all stages of life. The hospital serves a crucial role in this community as a primary hub for all healthcare services, as one of the largest employers in Guadalupe County, and as a key attractor for new industries and businesses. Guadalupe Regional Medical Foundation is the entity that supports the mission of the hospital by obtaining grants, receiving donations and providing opportunities to give to GRMC. These funds are used in a variety of ways to make a lasting difference to our patients and their families through special programs, upgraded facilities and new equipment. This circle of giving allows the community to give to the hospital and the hospital to give back to the community. Local businesses and industries are essential partners in the circle of giving. In addition to the many benefits for GRMF associated with business contributions, those businesses benefit as well. A business that donates to the hospital perpetuates the circle of community investment and creates a reputation and legacy for their organization. Small-business owners who are considering retiring their family business and are strategizing their exit plan may also want to explore a tax-saving opportunity to allow for a transition in owners. This can benefit their family, the prospective buyer and the hospital. If you are interested in learning more about how businesses, small and large, can become involved with GRMF, I would be delighted to meet with you in person. Robert G. Haynes, FACHE, CEO HEALTH CURRENTS is published as a community service for the friends and patrons of GUADALUPE REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER, 1215 E. Court St., Seguin, TX 78155, 800.506.6394 or 830.379.2411. Website: Robert G. Haynes, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer Penny Wallace, FACHE, Chief Financial Officer Daphne Blake, RN, MSN, Chief Nursing Officer Sheri Williams, RN, MSN, Chief Operating Officer Fay Bennett, VP of Employee Services Kody Gann, VP of Finance Lauren Carter, VP of Physician Services Deana Henk, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer, Guadalupe Health Network Rhonda Unruh, MHA, RN, VP of Quality Tasha Montez, PhD, MA, CCC, SLP, CEO of Guadalupe Regional Medical Group James Lee, MD, GRMC Governing Board Chairman Health Currents Editor: Chelsea Maldonado, Director of Marketing Information in HEALTH CURRENTS comes from a wide range of medical experts. If you have any concerns or questions about specific content that may affect your health, please contact your healthcare provider. Models may be used in photos and illustrations. 2019 © Coffey Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Robert G. Haynes, FACHE, CEO Dedication. The dictionary tells us that this often-used word means “self-sacrificing devotion and loyalty.” There are many synonyms for the word, such as commitment , allegiance and adherence . But certainly the concept of dedication means much more. I am convinced that the dedicated physicians, employees and volunteers at GRMC are motivated by the love of their profession, their passion to provide the best care possible, their investment of time and energy into professional development, a strong sense of responsibility, and loyalty to their colleagues. That complete sense of dedication is the foundation for GRMC’s success. This edition of Health Currents highlights our recent successes and recognitions as one of the top 100 hospitals in the nation for employee engagement and excellent patient experience. This edition also introduces several new physicians joining our staff who bring the same level of high-quality care that our region has come to expect. It is said that “like attracts like,” explaining why high-quality providers choose a practice location that already has a high level of competence and compassion. The front page article provides a first-person illustration of how that competence and compassion makes a difference in every life we are privileged to touch, and emphasizes the importance of dedication to our patients and their families. On behalf of the hundreds of people who make up GRMC, I thank our community for the trust you place in us. I guarantee that our dedication is strong and long-lasting, and we will continue to be here whenever you need our services.