Guadalupe Regional Medical Center | Health Currents | Spring 2022

Care from head to toe GRMC’S WIDE RANGE OF SERVICES AND SPECIALISTS HAS YOU COVERED MENTAL HEALTH. The Teddy Buerger Center provides individual and family counseling, anger management, chemical dependency, and other services. Psychiatric services are also available for seniors, including the Heritage Program for depression. EAR, NOSE AND THROAT. Allergies, sinus issues, hearing loss, tumors, tonsillitis and chronic infections are some of the many conditions treated by our ENT specialist. BREAST CANCER SCREENING AND SURGERY. Our Women’s Imaging Center provides the most sophisticated technology available for precise diagnosis and development of care plans. NEUROLOGY. Our double board-certified neurologist brings comprehensive care for physical conditions or illnesses that affect your brain and nervous system, including chronic headaches, seizures, epilepsy and more. CARDIAC CARE. GRMC is celebrating the 10th anniversary of our top-of-theline cardiac catheterization services. In that time, we’ve provided diagnosis and treatment to over 7,500 heart disease patients. GASTROENTEROLOGY. Screening, scoping and interventional procedures to diagnose and treat a wide range conditions of the stomach and intestinal system in our dedicated GI Clinic. EYES. World-class care for cataract surgery. | 4